Sunday, January 8, 2012

a couple new ones

So a while ago I wrote a post about how inspired and motivated I was to get serious about recording my own music. Such a sentiment might as well have been a New Year's resolution, because I really haven't achieved it at all. Not to say that I haven't been working on some tunes, but for the most part, I come up with some basic parts, maybe a certain groove or riff that I like, but usually don't flesh anything out much past the stage of being a sketch or fragment. It's easy and fun to come up with a bunch of sketches that don't really resolve or have any formal structure. Actually trying to turn them into a song is hard, frustrating, humbling and slightly embarrassing. But it can also be rewarding, especially in those precious few moments where you actually feel like you've got something halfway decent. I've got plenty of sketches that I'll try to refine into actual songs at some point, but for the time being I've only got a couple songs to share. I've spent a fair amount of time tweaking very minor parts over and over to get them to this point, and of course, they still feel miles away from where I'd like them to be. But I think I've reached the point of diminishing returns: I keep putting in more work, but it's getting less and less noticeable.

Note: I do sing in these songs; your ears have been forewarned.

Hope you find them somewhat enjoyable, or at least amusing!


  1. These songs are so you. You can definitely see the Daustin silliness mixed with creativity and funk in every one of these songs.
    I love the lyrics of Left, but, yeah, not feelin the vocals too much, sorry bud...
    And I love love love Chill Waving. I felt like I was cruising through Utah in the backseat of the Honda station wagon.
    Keep it up bud.

  2. Really enjoyed these.. I can honestly say that if I were at my local bar listening to open mic and these came on, I'd be having a head-bouncing, funky good time. Keep em coming, Daustin!