Saturday, April 16, 2011

Please Don't Judge Me

Okay, so this is what I did today instead of studying for the GRE's. Enjoy.

"You Never Know"


I’ve been thinking about all the things that got me where I am
Breaking it down to pieces just to help you understand
How I got my flow to grow and blossom from the dark
Flipping this thing around, let me back up to the start

A little kid of fifteen years, mind sharp but kept distracted
Until the day rap played and hip-hop law became enacted
Lickedy split my spit became equipped and I put that shit to use
Stepping into my own, hope that doesn’t sound obtuse
The truth, I was using limited intuition
Sitting by, high and dry, while others made my decisions.

Transitioned, picking up smoking weed along the way
And sipping that good shit, acquired a taste for Tanqueray
On da rocks, making my feet toasty warm like socks
All the while tongue be rolling, gathering fans up off the block

Inevitably, people shocked to see a white boy who can flow
All around, trying to bring me down but man you never know

Spent most of my time with a pen writing lines, trying to avoid clichés
Outkast, Jay-z and Kanye giving me help along the way
Guess you could say they my idols, cuz their styles already made it
But that would be redundant, as it was already insinuated.

At Eleven Church I wrote my shit, spitting lines that were rehearsed
We also drop the beat, thinking on our feet, freestyling of course
Learned to open on up our minds, big and wide like a parachute
Herb keeps things absurd, all the while keeping the brain acute

I’ve never been one to be mean and guess I never will
Just a man with a knack for spraying words fast, at least as far as I can tell
Pleased to be, always at ease, knowing my boys have got my back
Paying dividends, to no end, and counting up my stacks

Inevitably, people shocked to see a white boy who can flow
All around, trying to bring me down but man you never know

They call me the ticklah cuz I tickle tonsils with dick tip
Got bitches struggling to breath, yeah and messing up their lipstick
This shit is a product of hard work and perseverance
Not a line out place, don’t hesitate, keeping everything coherent

People ask me how to spit rhymes fine, and how I flow this quick
Roll your tongue like a Mexican, and you got an easy fix
Legit, I’m loving every minute of it, I spit, like a snake that is venomous
This, is that way that I can express my creativity
It may not be your style, but there’s no denying ability

I hope that I’m leaving you with the feeling of hearing something special
Feel more than free to copy me, yeah take out all your stencils
And next time your thinking aloud with a mic your mouth, give your boy a shout
Ticklah signing off, be easy yo I’m out.

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  1. Finally listened to this today. Daaaamnn. Sounding good AB